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The company’s main products INITIATIVE is the production of covers for car seats. In stock are constantly more than 5,000 ready-made kits. More than 350 patterns in a variety of cars. Covers can be purchased in the online store www.pochin.ru or in the stores listed on the CONTACTS page
For individual customers working section customized production, where the works of masters of the highest level, able to produce unique products.
The sports business includes the manufacture of goods for picking gyms. Such as: sports mats, gymnastic mats, Boxing rings, jump pits, chippers for walls, tires for rings. For bobsled in the Krasnodar region, the company has manufactured safety bumpers. For the VIP area of various stadiums INITIATIVE made seat covers.
Tents: Tents for trucks, gazelles, mikroavtobusov.
Awnings for boats, yachts, boats. The company manufactures the INITIATIVE as fast-moving and Parking tents for boats, yacht Tatarov.
Seats, chairs and sofas for boats, yachts and boats.
Construction activity: Production of covering tarpaulins, insulated curtains for winter concreting
Over the long history of the company, the INITIATIVE has produced a lot of products for individual orders. For example, the case of the turbine size of 20 meters in diameter, covers the unmanned aerial vehicle covers crossbows and shotguns and much more.