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ПОЧИН - Компания основана 22 июля 1995 года в Санкт-Петербурге.
Швейная мануфактура ПОЧИН


The company INITIATIVE was founded in 1995.

The INITIATIVE is a Production Association Covers the Tool. To date, the INITIATIVE is a garment factory for the production of technical products. Specializes in, it covers the car seat. At the moment there are more than 350 patterns for manufacturing of covers for different car models. Materials used: faux leather, jacquard, velour, genuine leather, Alcantara. A large portion of finished products in constant stock. In addition, the INITIATIVE produces automotive canopies, covers for boats and boats, both running and Parking, and other car accessories. The separate direction – the production of goods for the sport. Boxing rings, mats, jump pit for athletics, chippers for walls of sports halls.

The INITIATIVE covers are of high quality manufacture, quality control materials, long service life.

Extensive experience of garment production, unique sewing equipment and well-established relations with suppliers of components, the talented team of designers and engineers allows the company INITIATIVE for many years to maintain a leading position in the market of car seat covers and accessories.

In every product the company INITIATIVE is embedded in a particle of our soul!